Free Travel Beauty Travel Bag with Order of $200 Shipping to The US, CA, France & UK Free Samples with Every Order


Free Travel Beauty Travel Bag with Order of $200 Shipping to The US, CA, France & UK Free Samples with Every Order

About Us

It All Started with the Products

In Alyssa's travels to Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East and Asia over the years, her favorite pastime has always been raiding every pharmacy, spa and luxury boutique she could find and talking to locals to discover the most effective beauty products each region had to offer. When she returned home to New York City, she was struck by the fact that her favorite skin, hair and body care products were nowhere to be found.

The idea for TRAVEL BEAUTY® was born: an exclusive online destination that would be the ultimate source of discovery for the finest, hard-to-find, luxury products from around the globe.

Our Raison D'être

With thousands of beauty and grooming products out there, how can discerning consumers determine which ones are the best? TRAVEL BEAUTY® takes the guesswork out of creating your ideal beauty regimen by offering a hyper-curated collection of the world's finest luxury products, including a full range of natural, organic and scientifically derived (it takes a balanced approach!) skin care, hair care, bath, body and grooming products.

The Best of Beauty: At Home & On The Road

We've traveled the world and consulted top clinical experts (and followed our beauty OCD instincts) to bring you the most effective and innovative collection of beauty and grooming products, but that's not all! Many of our products fit within TSA guidelines, so you can create your own travel kit and fill it with just the products you want. Our collection is curated by our panel of renowned beauty experts. These experts are also here to provide you with professional advice, tips and guidance on all facets of personal care.

You will find an expert community at TRAVEL BEAUTY® that is passionate about helping you fulfill all your beauty and grooming endeavors to make you feel and look your best while at home, abroad and everywhere in between.

Yours truly,