Scalp Brush Mini From Japan

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All About the Scalp

Don't let the compact size fool you...this "shampoo brush" will give you an exceptional clean like nothing else. This sleek scalp massaging brush has 376 round-tipped nylon bristles specially designed to remove dirt, buildup and excess oil from the 40,000 follicles on the scalp. These bristles also gently massage your scalp, promoting circulation and giving a deeper and more invigorating cleaning than can be achieved with fingertips alone. Its non-slip grip makes it easy to use, even with a head and hands full of shampoo!

Trust us, you'll want to watch this video to see exactly how to get the most bang from this brush!

IMPORTANT: Scalp Brush Shampoo Only Model (a.k.a. Scalp Brush Mini) is designed for shampooing only. Do not use for blow-drying.


Travel Beauty cannot recommend this brush highly enough! Read our recommendation: Beat Bathtime: Picking Kids' Hair Care Products.

This brush is also great to pack in your beach vaction bag!

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"LIFESAVER!! After reading that this brush is great for detangling, I bought it to deal with my and my two daughters' thick, curly hair. Using this brush has transformed my kids' hair: no more crazy knots, no more frizz. They love to do it themselves! I use it every time I shampoo, too. It feels so nice on my scalp and makes my hair so much easier to style. I think I'm gonna need to buy a second one!" - Cat

08/19/14 1:18pm

"After watching the video, I was pumped to try this brush in the shower... and underwhelmed when I did. The bristles weren't firm enough to get through my (thick) hair and so I got no scalp stimulation at all. If you have thin hair and/or a super sensitive scalp this product may work better for you, but it is definitely not made for people with a lot of hair. Also, the price point is flabbergasting. I am totally on board with paying a high price for high quality, but I can't seem to figure out a theory under which this thing is worth $72. Fail." - LE

07/24/14 4:17pm

"This brush is wonderful and I absolutely love the feeling I get when using it to massage my scalp. The design is great - it's easy to grip in your hand - and I love the brush holder that comes included in the package. Very, very happy with this purchase - would definitely buy it again and recommend it to anyone thinking of getting it for themselves." - Mary Ann Alter

06/10/14 6:35pm

"I have lots of very thin blond hair that is limp and hard to deal with. I bought the scalp massager and use it to shampoo my hair. I feel it gets my hair much cleaner as it scrapes any residue off the scalp." - Gill

06/05/14 11:42am

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