Minus Ion Care Water From Japan

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Minus Ions = Big Plus

This is some seriously hi-tech water! NASA uses Care Water on lenses going into outer space due to its ability to kill bacteria. This water is not only safe for everyone, but is a must-have for everyone! Negative ion water is 170 times more absorbent than regular water, so it penetrates to the core of your hair and skin. Because it is negatively charged, it bonds to hair and skin, killing bacteria and providing superior moisture. This miracle water:

  • Strengthens fine hair, making it feel thicker
  • Boosts the strength of conditioners, treatments or styling aids, allowing the products to penetrate deeper and work better
  • If used pre-toner, serum and moisturizer, enhances the efficacy of your skin care regimen
  • Can be used as a makeup remover on face and eyes
  • Can be used to brush teeth

Care water can be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner at a rate of 10%, or sprayed on roots to ends before applying leave-in conditioners or styling aids. Care Water has many other beneficial uses. Since bacteria cannot live in negative ion water, it is great on cuts to clean and promote healing, and is also an effective acne zapper. We love a spray or three after cleansing our face, pre-toner,  to boost the efficacy of the toner. Our men tell us it’s also great to soothe skin post-shave, before applying aftershave or moisturizer. Also removes makeup gently from the face and eye area. Care Water can even be used to brush your teeth in small amounts!!! Just do not swallow.

Water, silica dioxide, sodium oxide, calcium, potassium kalium, phosphorus, magnesium.

Travel Beauty hair care expert Ishi discusses the myriad uses of Care Water.

Travel Beauty not only considers Vine Care Water one of our hair heroes, but you can also brush your teeth with it!

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